Why do we have negative thoughts?

Why do we worry or have fear?
Why are we sometimes anxious?
Why do we worry about our health or dying?
Why do we worry about our job or money?
We live in a world of Duality.
Without Duality, none of what we understand about life and this planet would exist.
For there to be White, there also needs to be Black.
For there to be On, there needs to be Off.
For there to be Life, there needs to be Death.
Everything has an opposite.
There needs to be an opposite in order to create contrast.
However, what is so important to understand is why we experience negative  or dark thoughts.
Think of a Black and White photograph.
In order to see an image, we need to see the contrast between Black and White.  If the picture was all White or all Black, it wouldn't make any sense.
The same rule applies to Life.
In order to make a clear picture and to have a true understanding of what Life is truly about, we need contrast.
Shakespeare's Hamlet famously said,
"There is nothing either good or bad,  but thinking makes it so."
In order for us to understand the true benefit of positive thinking, we also need to understand and have experienced negative thinking.
However, once we understand the purpose of negative thinking, and see those thoughts as merely a signpost towards positive thinking,
then we become truly liberated and at peace.
The dark or negative thoughts are there to show us what we don't want and to remind us to really focus on what we do want in this life.
When we are shown the dark side, we must think clearly about what we want to achieve and become more determined than ever to achieve our goal or dream.
The dark thoughts are actually there to help us.
This is so important to understand.
They work in the same way as pain.
If we put our hand too close to a flame, our pain receptors send signals to our brain which in turn creates the sensation of pain.
This of course hurts very much, but the process is actually created entirely for our own benefit.
Without feeling the pain, we would end up doing enormous damage to our hand.
The same principle applies with negative thoughts.
They are there only to help us and remind us to think positively.
If you can begin to understand this, then you will also begin to understand how this same principle applies to other aspects of life.
The Picture is not clear unless you can see both Black and White.
And neither colour is good or bad.
Understanding duality is to know how this world works.
Understanding non-duality is to be at Peace.


Published: Saturday, 21 March 2015 09:34

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